Casino Bot FAQ

Below are answers to frequently asked questions.

Casino Bot was created in August of 2020 to help automate daily tasks, and to include powerful features to help keep spam bots out, easily moderate your group chats, play games, and make Kik a better experience.

It was created out of a desire to make something better and with premium features and better bot detection, as everything that existed prior was missing features that I wanted, such as removing lurkers and new accounts, detecting bots reliably, and detecting hack attempts, and those that did have premium features that I wanted charged a fee to do so.

With the desire to add features I wanted to make my own bot that had the features I wanted and wanting to give the ability for others to use these needed features without needing to pay, Casino Bot was created.

Casino Bot was programmed from scratch in Java, and the API has been also developed by me in Java.

You can do this by checking the username of the bot by tapping on the profile and clicking "Start Chatting" to reveal its username.

Check this username to see if it is on the status page, if it is not it is likely a bot impersonating Casino to do harm to your group.

Since Casino is in a lot of groups, it needs to ensure it can run at a fast speed for all groups.

If you send messages too fast, Casino will consider it as spam and mute you for a few hours.

If this happens, wait a few hours and it will respond again, and avoid spamming in the future to prevent this from occurring.

The bot stores very little information, and only does so for the bot to function.

Casino stores permanently: Group name / hashtag, group settings, talkers / activity, names of who is in the group, and your game stats.

For media triggers, Casino Bot saves the content attachment to be resent. The image or video file itself is hosted by Kik, and therefore only the URL to the content is saved. The media trigger attachments and URLs to the content are deleted from Casino Bot if you either delete the command or you don't use the command for 30 days.

Casino stores temporarily: Exploit detections, and bot detections to help identify new patterns and get rid of them faster to help fight against spam.

Casino will NEVER SAVE: Your messages, such as photos, videos, stickers, gifs, etc (unless you set them as a trigger).

Group and name information is needed for the bot to function properly and display lists of names when it needs to, as without it things like admin lists and activity would not work.

Privacy is very important to me, so what you say or send in a chat is never stored or looked at.

Also, Casino Bot and its creator will never sell or share any information about you, your group, or your messages to anyone for any reason.

If the bot does not respond to you, try saying "Admins"

If you are admin and it still does not respond, try adding someone else to the group, it will usually fix the issue.

Casino Bot actively checks for spam bots in groups and removes them when found.

I cannot get into detail exactly how it works because the bot makers are known to change their bots to get around detections.

Basically, it checks for bot-like accounts and behavior, and when found they are silently removed.

This is enabled by default for all public groups, and is frequently updated to counter new techniques to avoid detection.

No, as one bot is fine to do everything by itself. Casino will remove the added bot or leave, so do not do this.