Blue Pirho / Blue Premium


Please note that iPhone users are pretty much secure at
the moment (except for IP loggers) so don't get it if you
explicitly want it for using things on them.

Blue Kik Beta 4 is available!
PM @pirhoassist on Kik to get the update.

Premium has been disabled for 3.4.1 users.
Please update to Beta 4 to use Premium.

100 generator is currently offline and may be for a while.

Feature Breakdown

Normal Premium Pirho
Basic Brick Protection
Exploit Menu Access
(Auto Updating)
Exploit User Menu
Group Join Blacklist Bypass
Mass Message Sender
More Casino Bot Commands
(Read above)
12 Hour Bypass
(Pictures and Videos)
Advanced Brick Protection
(Against Newer Bricks)
Access to Early Updates
Fake Camera Detect Bypass
In Depth Custom
Auto Reply

Additional Information

• Please note this is for Android only and does NOT work on iOS!

• If purchasing with Cash App, I will need you to PM a screenshot
showing the transaction ID on Telegram @BlueIsLeet
message me on Kik @FreeBlueMods or email me at
so I can activate it for you.

• Note: my Kik accounts are currently being hunted by
malicious parties who have contacts at Kik
so if that username doesn't work,
click on my name in the Blue Mods section of the Blue Kik app,
or check back here for a new username.

• It's also not recommended to loop an exploit
with Rage bot in the group (especially if looping)
unless the exploit is marked as undetected,
as they may be reporting people for using them.

• To open the exploit menu, use !pirho
• To open the exploit user menu, click on a group members profile picture

• To use the extra Casino Bot commands, PM @PirhoSupport on Kik

• The extra Casino commands are:
.100 (100 member group generator)
.findbot #hashtag (finds any utility bot that is in any public group)
.lookup (jid, username, or #hashtag)
.resolve (Get username from JID in a public group)
Please note that the commands start with a period (.)

• While the Premium and Pirho lists are kept private, if people find
that you own it, people may try to brute force your password.
To protect yourself, visit
and check if your email or password is compromised. The website does not save any info you input.
If your email or password has been used before or is easy to guess
(less than 8 characters or simple words)
It's recommended to use a randomly generated password that you have never used anywhere else.
Doing that will prevent anyone from taking your account from you.

Prices (Scroll for Payment Methods)

Blue Pirho - $50

Blue Premium - $30

Payment Methods

Note that if you purchase with CashApp, you must message me directly with a screenshot of the transaction ID.

Why no PayPal?

PayPal is completely seller unfriendly.
They close accounts without warning,
and steal your balance (in my case, hundreds of dollars),
making it not worth it to keep
making accounts and losing hundreds
in the process as they steal more money.

Typically, a way around this is to have a friend purchase it for you using CashApp.



The software is sold 'AS IS', meaning no refunds,
no exchanges (unless otherwise permitted) and no liability.
Each of these mods are per account, meaning they will only work on the account you purchased it for.
You are allowed to occasionally transfer the license to another account especially if you get banned.
You understand that your account may get terminated for using exploits,
especially if you are reckless with them and do something like brick an employee.
You understand that the exploits could get patched at any time, and while I do make a
best effort to maintain a working list, it may not be immediate (but it usually is)
Please allow up to 24 hours for delivery (if purchasing through CashApp) and response to purchase inquiries, but I usually respond much faster.
I get a lot of PMs on Kik, so if I miss yours try messaging me on Telegram