Bluecord FAQ

Below are answers to frequently asked questions about Bluecord.

Bluecord is an Android only mod which brings many new custom features / mods to the mobile phone, with custom UI in the settings page to easily change the settings.

Since I enjoyed some of the projects / mods for desktop computers and there was no mod in existence for Android that had a custom UI and was able to modify the settings without knowing how to program, I decided to try making my own.

Bluecord is written in Java / Smali (android bytecode) and I use Android Studio, IntelliJ, Notepad++, ADB, and GrepWin to assist with devlopment.

Thanks to all that use it so far (hundreds of thousands) this project has been very awesome to work on.

Often I get busy with other projects or just life in general. Bluecord is still an ongoing project, so an update will be coming. Please keep in mind that it is completely free, while time of development and server / website costs are not.

Most of the time it's due to low free space. You need at least 400mb free for it to install, because of the base app's size.

If that doesn't work, try temporarily disabling Play Protect.

Upon startup, Bluecord checks for an update using a simple GET request to this link:

If an update is found, it will show you and prompt you to update if you want to.

As a disclaimer, no information to identify anyone, such as usernames, passwords, tokens, backups, chat logs, friends list, or any other account information is ever logged, shared or sent anywhere.

Much like any other Discord mod, it is against TOS. Discord however does not really go after people who use them; they only really start to care if it's a self botting tool or abuses API calls (which is why I don't include them and Bluecord makes zero extra API calls)

However, the best practice is to not share screenshots of it to people you don't know or brag to a server or discord staff about how you can see their deleted messages.

Common sense is important; Don't make it your mission to tell the world about how you're using it, and you'll have no issues.

Unfortunately, re-signing the app is required to modify it, and in doing so it causes a false positive.

A signature is not code though, so it's not malicious at all.

Yes, click this link or check it out in the Blue Mods -> Update + Developer Info tab