Blue Kik FAQ

Below are answers to frequently asked questions about Blue Kik.

My pet project, created out of a desire to improve the base app and see if I could make the best Kik mod possible.

I, like many others back in the day, were inspired by previous mods, and wanted to bring them to the latest version with the most features.

The goal of this mod is to make Kik more enjoyable to use. Some ways it does this is with built in exploit and spam bot protection.

Blue Kik's list of more than 100 features provides most users with a complete feature set.

Finally, Blue Kik is largely shaped by community feedback. I read every suggestion submitted within the app or shared with me, and many requested features end up being added.

The latest version supports any Android device that is running Android 5.0 (Lollipop) or later.

Android emulators may work with Blue Kik but are not supported. Live does not work very well in emulators.

NOTE: the minimum Android version may be increased in the future, as only <1% of Android devices run 5.0.

Unsupported platforms:

  • iOS
  • Desktop

Tap settings icon in upper right -> Blue Mods -> Extras -> Enable "Keep-Alive Service".

Yes it is, and no it doesn't. (VirusTotal scan)

The 1/59 is due to a debug signature, which is known as a typical issue with mod APKs.

I can't see your messages, login info, pictures, files, or any personal information, and I cannot control your account.

As you may have noticed there are many people who enjoy spreading rumors about my app, mainly out of competition reasons or personal reasons.

The main people pushing these claims are the ones who want nothing more than to take full credit for the app by rebranding it, as they have done repeatedly in the past.

To try to counter advertising bots joining groups, Kik introduced patches / algorithms to block accounts that are suspected to be bot accounts from joining groups.

Things to try:

  • Update to the latest version of Blue Kik and enable Global Join in the Blue Mods settings
  • Use an iOS device (if you have one)
  • Use a different device
  • Use a different connection
  • Use a different account

To reduce bandwidth and improve privacy, it is disabled by default.

You can enable it in Blue Mods -> Kik Live -> Turn OFF "Disable Kik Live"

Keep in mind that when Kik Live is enabled, your age, device locale, approximate location and more become publicly accessible

No there is not. Other APK hosting websites may make this claim, but it does not and hasn't ever existed for Live.

Not at the moment. Maybe in the future...

Using Blue Kik alone is very unlikely to cause a ban.

Issues can arise however with what you do while on Kik. Use good judgement, don't spam, and avoid Kik drama.

Due to Kik adding streaming, the app is much bigger than before. Try freeing 200MB of space and / or clearing cache of some of your apps including Blue Kik. If that fails, try uninstalling Blue Kik (you can use the back up feature first) before reinstalling the new version.

This is due to the old way Anti Loggers used to work. Newer versions no longer have this issue. It's highly recommended to keep Anti Loggers on to make sure you're safe.

No, but I have a Telegram group you can join.