Blue Kik FAQ

Below are answers to frequently asked questions about Blue Kik.

My pet project, designed to add many important and necessary features to improve user safety on Kik as well as give much needed features on a new version.

To try to counter advertising bots joining groups, Kik introduced patches / algorithms to block accounts that are suspected to be bot accounts from joining groups. Early this year (2021) they made the algorithm tighter which blocked more accounts from joining. It only ended up hurting real users though (including stock Kik, read the reviews)

It's a tough position for me, as I want to help people be able to use those features, but I don't want to make the bot problem worse than it already is.

However, I can tell you that new accounts are pretty much always blocked, so try using an older account.

Unfortunately you can't. It is a low possibility that it will be in the future, but it's extremely difficult.

There's no risk of getting banned for just using it, it's if you use it and combine it with some other action that violates TOS.

Yes, it has the same features and is the latest update (it's now an all in one app). It carries over and you will automatically get those extra features in the latest update. It's recommended to upgrade to 4.1, as it's a lot better than previous releases and has brand new features.

Due to Kik adding streaming, the app is much bigger than before. Try freeing 200MB of space and / or clearing cache of some of your apps including Blue Kik. If that fails, try uninstalling Blue Kik (you can use the back up feature first) before reinstalling the new version.

This is due to the old way Anti Loggers used to work. Update to the latest version, this is improved and no longer occurs. It's highly recommended to keep Anti Loggers on to make sure you're safe.

Kik's latest Play Store update broke it. I'll see if I can fix it, but no luck yet
This has been fixed, it will be included in the next update