Law Enforcement FAQ

We can only identify individual users by their account username or email address.

Additionally, they MUST fall under the following criteria:

  • They are a customer that purchased a Premium or Pirho license via Gumroad

We do not retain IP addresses, message contents, phone numbers, or any other form of PII for any of our users. We do not retain or have access to email addresses for any user except for customers paying through Gumroad.

Blue Kik is an alternative client for Kik Messenger, which is owned by MediaLab AI, not us.

Requests for user data should go to them, as they run the infastructure and are much better equipped to help you.

We make an effort to keep Blue Kik users anonymous via methods such as one-way hashing the users account ID when the app communicates with our servers.

In most cases, we will have nothing to hand out, even if legally compelled to do so.

Submit legal requests to MediaLab / Kik here.

We do not retain any information about Bluecord users. We cannot identify any Bluecord user by username, IP address, phone number or otherwise.

All legal requests pertaining to Bluecord users cannot be complied with, as we have zero user data to hand out.

Bluecord is an alternative client for Discord, which is owned by Hammer & Chisel Inc, not us.

You can submit legal requests to Discord here.

No. is fully owned and operated in the United States of America.
We do not process or comply with legal requests that originate outside of the United States.

To request any data, you must have a legal U.S. court order. Email addresses and contact information will be verified before any request is complied with.

Via email, to

If a physical address is required for servicing, please let us know.

Note: We may publish communications to this address when permitted by law.

So far, we have complied with zero legal requests.
Zero bytes of user data has been handed out.
We are not and have never been subject to any gag orders.