Blue Pirho / Blue Premium


Feature Breakdown

Introducing last seen times (works on most active users)
view example here

Normal Premium Pirho
Brick / Crash / IP logging protection
Pirho Menu Access
(Auto Updating)
Pirho Per-User Menu
Last seen times for
most users
Mass Message Sender
(Popular feature)
More Pirho Bot Commands
(Read below)
Temporary Account
Ban Bypass
Fake Camera Detect Bypass
against free users
100 member private groups
100 member public groups
In Depth Custom
Auto Reply


Blue Premium - $30

Blue Pirho - $50

Payment Methods

Note that if you purchase with CashApp, you must message me directly with a screenshot of the transaction ID.

I also accept popular cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc). If you want to use this method, please contact me below


FAQ / Additional Information

• Please note that the app is for Android only and does NOT work on iOS!

• Blue Pirho cannot and will not be able to crash the latest version of Blue Kik, paid or not (It's protected against every exploit I am aware of, and I have a vast knowledge of Kik and how the app works). The reason for this is that it tends to get out of hand, and it's bad to intentionally leave a vulnerability.

• If purchasing with Cash App, I will need you to send a screenshot
showing the transaction ID (click me for contact information)
so I can activate it for you.

< ?php $username = file_get_contents('../bluekik/pirho_bot'); echo("• To use the extra Pirho Bot commands, PM Pirho Bot"); ?>

• I suggest linking your account to the Pirho Telegram bot, as it is easier to use, you don't need to keep finding new Pirho Bot usernames, and it takes advantage of Telegram's bot / messaging platform.

• The extra Pirho Bot commands are:

"/link" (links your Telegram account with your Kik account to use the bot)

"100" (100 member group generator, public and private are working)
"findbot #hashtag" (finds any utility bot that is in any public group)
"lookup" (jid, username, or #hashtag)
"resolve" (DOES NOT WORK WITH DMS OFF) (Get username from alias JID in a public group)
"check" (checks #hashtags for thot bots, Kik employees, paid live streamers + more)
Please note that the commands start with a period (.)

• While the Premium and Pirho lists are kept private, if people find
that you own it, people may try to take your account through guessing your password or finding it in data breaches.

To protect yourself, please make sure your account has a unique and strong password. Also avoid putting your Kik password into any websites.


The software is sold 'AS IS', meaning no refunds,
no exchanges (unless otherwise permitted) and no liability.
Pirho / Premium are per Kik username, meaning they will only work on the Kik username you purchased it for.
You are allowed to occasionally transfer the license to another account especially if you get banned.
You understand that your account may get terminated for using exploits
or using the mass message sender on people who do not wish to receive messages (as it's technically spam and Kik doesn't like spam).
You understand that the exploits could get patched at any time, and while I do make a
best effort to maintain a working list, it may not be immediate or may not be possible.
Please allow up to 24 hours for delivery (if purchasing through CashApp) and response to purchase inquiries, but I usually respond faster.
If you have any questions, please contact me