Casino Bot Game Commands

Below are all the game and miscellanous commands you can use to have fun or pass the time.

For commands dealing with group management, tap the button below.

Everyone starts with 100 shekels and by playing, you can get on the global leaderboard, earn bragging rights, and have fun with your friends.
Note that all commands start with a period "." (without the quotes)
For the non betting commands, scroll to the bottom.

Please note that cheating the game is not allowed. Cheating is defined as botting (using any tool to automate gameplay), alt-account farming, or exploiting a particular game.
Anyone found to be cheating will have their currency revoked, stats reset, leaderboard position removed, banned from playing the game, or all of the above at my discretion with or without notice.
Play fair and have fun!

This color means anyone can use the command unless the game commands are disabled in a group by an admin using "Casino disable"

This color means you can only use this command in a PM.

This color means that you can only use the command in a group.

This color means that it is a Premium only command.

Betting commands


Every 5 minutes, you can use this command to get more currency.
Usually, this gives between 1-100 shekels, but rarely, more interesting things can happen...

".roll [amount]"

Wager your shekels!
When you roll, you either win or lose the amount you wagered.
The odds to win is about 50% (or is it?)
Sometimes, interesting things can happen...

Example Usage: .roll 50

".slot [amount]"

Wager your shekels in the slot machine!

Note: to view the possible valid matches, use the .paytable command.

Example Usage: .slot 50


Play Tic-Tac-Toe with a friend!

The host places a bet by saying .tic [amount], and a challenger can match the bet by saying .t join

The winner gets the pot (double their wager)

To withdraw your bet as the host, say .t withdraw

If someone stops playing (example, they know they will lose) for 5 minutes, anyone can reset the game by saying .t reset and the last person to make a move automatically wins.

Example Usage: .tic


Play 1 on 1 against the dealer!

You and the dealer are dealt two cards. Your goal is to get as close as you can to 21 without going over.

Blackjack pays 2.5 to 1, and the dealer always draws to 17 unless you busted first.

On the first turn, you can either double your bet by using .b double, or surrender by saying .b surrender.

On any turn, you can hit or stay by using .b hit or .b stay

When you double, you are dealt one more card and your turn automatically ends.

When you surrender, you lose but you are paid back half your bet (rounded down).

You cannot surrender if the dealer is showing a face card.

For each game, the dealer uses a randomly shuffled deck. (Card counters, go away!)

Note that you can use ".b" instead of ".blackjack" to save time.

Example Usage: .blackjack 100

".lottery [amount]"

Take a chance on the lottery!

The amount you bet on the lottery goes in a global pool with everyone else, and your odds of winning are proportionate to how much you put in VS. everyone else.

Each day at 8pm EST, a winner is picked and gets the entire pot, and will be direct messaged by a Casino Bot telling them that they won!

If you want to check the past results, say .lottery result

Example Usage: .lottery 100


Shows your game stats, including balance, spin wins, roll wins, and your global leaderboard rank.

".u [username]"

Shows the other persons game stats, including balance, spin wins, roll wins, and your global leaderboard rank.

Example Usage: .u blueisleet

".give [username] [amount]"

It wouldn't be fun if you couldn't share your wealth!

Note: to give someone else shekels, they must have played before and you must know their username.

Example Usage: .give blueisleet 100


".leaderboard discord"

".leaderboard group"

Shows the top 25 players in the world!

.leaderboard discord shows the players on Discord only.

.leaderboard group shows the leaderboard for all the players in the group. Note that you must use this command in a group and for the group members to show up on the leaderboard they must have played in that group before.


Shows the payout information for Blackjack and the slot machine.

Other Fun Commands


This pulls up a list of all the game and fun commands.

You can also use "Casino help"


View bot stats, such as uptime, group count, and the recommended bot to use.

".gif [search term]"

Searches Tenor for a GIF, and sends a random gif from the results.

Warning, since the NSFW filter is turned off, some results can show NSFW, but it's rare.

Example: .gif cats

".urban [search term]"

Searches Urban Dictionary using your search term, and sends a random result.

Warning, the answers are often NSFW.

Example: .urban Kik

".lookup [Username, JID, #Hashtag]"

Lookup information about accounts or groups on Kik.

Note, you must have Premium to use this. Not available for sale at the moment.


.lookup blueisleet


.lookup #BlueCasinoBot

".resolve [Alias JID]"

Find out the username behind the alias in public groups.

Note, you must have Premium to use this. Not available for sale at the moment.

Example: .resolve

".sticker [username]"

Convert the profile picture of someone's username to a forward-able sticker.

Note, you must have Premium to use this. Not available for sale at the moment.

Example: .sticker blueisleet

".findbot [#hashtag]"

Finds all utility bots present in any public group.

Casino does not have to be present in the group for it to work.

Note, you must have Premium to use this. Not available for sale at the moment.

Example: .findbot #bluekik


Link your Kik and Discord accounts to get a spin bonus!


".8ball [question]"

Casino Bot has all the answers!

Ask it anything and it will answer.

Example Usage: .8ball Does MediaLab even care about the platform they purchased?


Shows the information on how to donate if you want to do so.

Any support is always appreciated.